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Claudine at Forty Weeks…

It is always a a real pleasure  to photograph a baby bump and even more so when that bump belongs to one of your oldest friends 🙂 Bless Claudine – she is always such a good sport when it comes to photographs! A couple of days ago Caroline and I popped round on her due date for some pictures at 40 weeks and I have to say I think she looks bloody amazing! As mentioned in a previous post, I really wish that I’d done this when I was expecting and got at least one half decent photo of myself in the final weeks of my pregnancies.

We are all so super excited for baby’s arrival so come on little person – hurry up now!! (Oh and if baby does decide to come in the middle of Friday’s expected snowstorm Caroline and I will be more than happy to step in as impromptu midwives if a home delivery proves necessary!) 😉

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