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Double Figures

Our eldest daughter Eleanor turns ten today and sitting across the kitchen table from me right now, with her ears newly pierced and looking so grown up, it is hard to believe that a decade has already flown by since we welcomed her into the world. Her journey here was not quite without it’s ups and downs – the first few months of  pregnancy were blighted by continual sickness and hospital stopovers, and the final stretch was cut short three weeks early by her surprise arrival with a hyper-flexed knee and several hours in surgery for me. But when I finally got to hold all 5lb 12oz of her just after breakfast the morning after the dramatic night before, it was the best feeling in the world 🙂  I’m not one for gushing, but in that moment I knew I would do it all over again in a heartbeat (and we did three years later but that’s a completely different story for another time!)

Eleanor, quite simply, is wonderful – funny, caring, thoughtful and bright as well as stubborn and strong minded with a’spirited spark’ reminiscent of my own at the same age! Glossing over the terrible twos and the phone in the bath incident, raising her over these past 10 years has been an absolute joy and privilege and we are so very proud of her and all that she has achieved. Of course this post would not be complete without mentioning Eleanor’s beloved Cat Cat. He arrived courtesy of her Godparents on the very day she was born and is loved and cherished still even though he is well worn and patched up now.

As I get older I find myself more often than not wanting time to stand still for just a little bit longer than it does – to keep my little ones little for a while still yet, but know that Eleanor is racing quicker than I ever thought possible towards the next exciting chapter of her young life. The next ten years will see her blossom from a little girl into the amazing young woman that I know she will become but  today I just want to enjoy the right now and wish our precious daughter a very happy  tenth birthday 🙂