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Pangdean Barn Wedding

James & Jenni’s Pangdean Barn Wedding couldn’t have been more perfect! Hot sunshine, brilliant blue skies and a wonderfully balmy evening made for the best of wedding days.

James and Jenni are a real fun loving pair –  a proper good match –  and went above and beyond to make sure everything was exactly right for the big day. No calling up your local VW van hire company for these two  – Jenni spotted the bright orange camper on the high street in the weeks leading up to the big day and somehow convinced the owner to bring it along to the wedding, which of course he did, and it fitted in perfectly with the pretty, vintage feel for the day.

 The church ceremony at Holy Trinity in Cuckfield gave welcome and cool relief from the midday heat outside and afterwards we headed off, in a shower of confetti to the church grounds for photos under the shade of the giant Redwoods before travelling on –  in that bright orange camper! –  to Pangdean Barn on the outskirts of Brighton.

 This was my first visit to Pangdean Barn, a lovely venue for weddings set as it is against the back drop of the South Downs, with a private garden for guests to enjoy drinks, canapes and lawn games before sitting down to dinner in the barn itself. It really did look very pretty with the rafters twinkling with fairy lights, the tables set with vintage flower arrangements and decorated with lots of handcrafted details.

Speeches followed dinner (and included a personal congratulations from Arsenal Football Club!) the pot was boiled for tea and as the sun set, we headed out for photos in the evening warmth. Poor old James – I think by this point all he was craving was a very cold beer but being the good sport he is (and knowing that he would do anything for Jenni!) he soldiered on, and I’m so glad he did because the photos turned out just great much like married life , I am in no doubt, will be for these two 🙂

Thanks go out to Naomi for second shooting and sweating it out along with me!

If you are looking for a Pangdean Barn wedding photographer then do get in touch!

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Pangdean Barn Wedding-103Pangdean Barn Wedding-104

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