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Halloween Wedding At The Red Barn Sussex

Featured on Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride here

I think it’s fair to say that Emma & Lizzy love Halloween so with the date falling on a Saturday in 2015, the girls decided to do something a little bit different to the norm and a full on Halloween theme started to take shape! From the custom designed outfits by Jupiter Moon to the misty firework finale, this really was the most beautifully bonkers wedding I think I’ve photographed to date. The girls went all out to make sure that everyone had the best day from start to finish and I for one enjoyed every minute of it!

The girls really did think of everything (and the appearance of the chimney sweep after the ceremony with his real cat fit the theme of the wedding perfectly! ) And just take a look at that autumn colour around the arbour – so pretty. I love these photos of Emma & Lizzy 🙂

The wedding reception was held at the 300 year old Red Barn and it’s exposed beams and Harry Potteresque  decor were given the full on Halloween Party treatment. The girls DIY’d 50 metres of bunting and all of the wedding stationery, not to mention spending lord knows how many hours sourcing all of the table details and carving pumpkins! Emma & Lizzy also wanted to make sure that all of their guests had plenty to eat and drink and laid on  buckets filled with wine and beer at the tables for the adults and buckets filled with treats and activities for the children.

After dinner and speeches, wedding outfits were switched for spooky costumes and the Halloween disco got underway followed by a firework finale that not even the evening mist could ruin – in fact it made it all the more eery.

The girls postponed their honeymoon for a year so that they could combine it with a first anniversary trip out to Disney, Orlando. I can’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate 🙂

 Congratulations Emma & Lizzy and Happy Halloween!



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