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How To Plan A Wedding Without Breaking The Bank



As soon as you start getting into the nitty gritty of planning a wedding it quickly becomes obvious that it’s going to be expensive with a capital E. Let’s face it, no one really wants to start off married life with a debt the size of Everest hanging over their heads for the next ten years and thanks to this handy little infographic from Vouchercloud (and beautifully designed by Grace Davis) you don’t have to. Yay!

With a few clever and well thought out little tweaks you can still have the day of your dreams without breaking the bank. Winter or weekday weddings can reduce that fancy venue bill by up to 50% as can booking out your local pub or village hall and if you’re prepared to get crafty with glitter and a glue gun (or know a friend who will) you could call in a favour or two and save yourself many pounds on the decor and details.

Sitting down to a formal three course meal at an eye watering cost per head is no longer the norm at many weddings these days, with couples opting for a more relaxed afternoon tea, hog roast or fish and chip supper.

You can also put a sizable dent in the dress bill if you think outside of the box. I secretly love binge watching Say Yes To The Dress and going gaga over the designer creations hanging on the rails at Kleinfeld but if you are looking for something a little bit kinder on the purse then go vintage, online or high street (check out the range at ASOS!)

In some cultures a ‘money dance’ is common place -wish I’d know about this one when I got married 😉 –  and for many newlywed couples who have been living together for years before the big day and have all they need for the home, a subtle request for a contribution towards the honeymoon will come in far handier for the budget savvy couple than that Limoges dinner service.

Read on to find out more and how to navigate your way around those hidden costs and extras….

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