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You’re Engaged! 5 Quick Tips For What You Should Do Right Away

You’re Engaged! 5 Quick Tips For What You Should Do Right Away.

The question’s been popped, you’ve said yes and now you’re engaged –  congratulations! Planning a wedding is hugely exciting but with wedding blogs and magazines throwing lengthy ‘to do’ lists your way from the very moment that ring is on your finger, it can turn into a daunting task.  To help you navigate your way through what can be a minefield of decision making over the next 12 months or so, here are my top 5 quick tips for what you should do right away!

1) Celebrate!

Before you get cracking on your wedding plans, first crack open a bottle (or two) of bubbly and celebrate! This is a an amazing time in your lives and you’ll want to share your big news with family and friends, soak up the excitement and positive vibes, maybe even throw a little party! Give yourself time to just enjoy being engaged 🙂

You're engaged! 5 quick tips for what you should do right away

 2) Set The Budget

Once you get down to business the first thing you should work out is your budget and stick to it. Boring but essential!  Not so long ago, the father of the bride would pay for everything. With two girls of my own I am very relieved to report that nowadays, both sets of parents and very often the bride and groom themselves, all contribute to the wedding fund pot! Knowing how much cash you have to play with will help enormously when it comes to looking for and booking the right venues and suppliers for your big day. Check out this post here full of useful money saving tips and how not to break the wedding bank!

3) Pick The Date 

Dig out the calendar and decide on a rough date that works best for you both, your immediate family and close friends. Traditionally, the summer months will always be the busiest time of year to get married and more than likely, many of your guests will be planning their summer holidays or even their own weddings. Firm up that date as soon as possible to ensure your suppliers are still available and your chief bridesmaid is not sunning herself on a beach in Bora Bora the day you pick to walk up the aisle! Planning a winter wedding? This post here takes you through what to consider. 


4) Find The Venue

The venue you choose will no doubt reflect your vision for the day and influence the overall ‘theme’ of your wedding.  Sought after venues, be they glamorous London hotels, or rustic barns in the middle of the countryside, can be booked up to, and even beyond, a year in advance of your date. Lock that venue down early folks to avoid disappointment. Check out these posts on my favourite Sussex barn wedding venues, alternative Brighton beach wedding venues and the quirky versus the classical Sussex wedding venue.

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5) Book Your Photographer 

Good wedding photographers, much like sought after venues, get booked up quickly – I have had couples book me 18 months in advance of their date before but typically it will be anywhere between 9-12 months. To make your search simpler and your booking quicker ask your newly married friends for recommendations or start by googling photographers in your area and photos of weddings already shot at your chosen venue. Narrow your search down further by preferred style and get in contact with the photographers whose work you really like as soon as possible.

If you have just got engaged and are having your wedding in Sussex or anywhere across the south of England and are looking for your photographer, do get in touch, I’d love to hear all about your plans 🙂