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Choosing the right photographer for your wedding can be an overwhelming task with so many of us out there offering all manner of different options and styles. It’s also going to be one of the biggest decisions you’re going to make so it’s really important that you pick a photographer whose style you love and who you get along really well with. How on earth are you going to pick one that will be 100% right? Hope this helps!


1) I have years of experience.


I have been shooting weddings for nearly a decade. I know when those all important key moments during your day are going to happen and where I will need to be when they do. At the same time I always have my eyes wide open for the small moments that go on in between the big stuff!

I have lots of work featured on pro-wedding blogs and posted here on my website, Instagram and Facebook page. Before you book me for your wedding you have more than likely had a good old browse through my images and like the style in which I shoot.


A week or two before the big day we will run through your schedule, as well as finalise a list of must have shots. If you have appointed a planner then I will contact them for these details. I will visit the venue(s) in advance to scout out the best places to shoot so that you can maximise your time enjoying your day and not spend fruitless hours trekking through mucky fields looking for the perfect spot for that perfect shot.


On your wedding day I will have on me at all times my primary camera (read fancy DSLR!) and Speedlite (read fancy flash gun!) plus back up if one or other or both were to fail (this has never happened but being a Girl Guide in my youth I was always taught to be prepared and prepared I am!) In addition to this I carry a full set of different lenses, a whole host of memory cards, batteries, chargers, cleaning equipment, tripod and am fully insured.



2) I know all about the light.


Any photographer can make great light look amazing but the real test comes when we have to work with something much more challenging. Shooting in bright sunlight with no open shade available? No worries! I will do the very best I can to position you in such a way to minimise harsh shadows. Having a candlelit ceremony or dimming those lights waay down low for your first dance? Not a problem! I have both the knowledge, skill and equipment to work in those situations.


And when I have to use flash it will be subtle and smooth – no blasting you in the face and leaving you with stars in your eyes for a good ten minutes! Getting married in the winter when the days are short and the nights are long? Check out this post I wrote here about why I love winter weddings! Photography is all about knowing what to do with the light and using it in a way that makes you and your wedding look fab – day or night!


3) I won’t make you feel awkward or irritated.


The couples I work with are people just like you who want to celebrate being in love with the people they care about the most. They want to feel good, eat well and come together at the end of the day for a damn good party and my job is to capture this in a way that is both relaxed and genuine. I won’t be barking at you sergeant major style to get in line for group shots, blowing whistles or waving a stop watch in front of your faces because the drinks reception has over-run by 20 minutes. Rather, I will guide you both gently through the day with as little fuss as possible to ensure everything is covered in the way that you are expecting with minimal stress, regardless of any on the day changes or hiccups.


Your wedding day is an extraordinary day and whilst I am committed to making you and all of the hard work you have put into your day look amazing I completely get that you are most likely not supermodels and that we are not on a photo shoot! I love real smiles, real moments, and real people and I want you to feel free to be your normal selves in the photos with a little bit of direction from me to get the very best images you can. Ones that you will want to look back on time and again.

4) I like to mingle.


I am an easy going and naturally friendly person and it is really important to me to blend in like one of your guests and not be seen as a nuisance or time thief. It makes sense to shoot candid photos of your family and friends up fairly close rather than hover about on the sidelines trying to look unobtrusive with a massive lens!


Whilst my focus on your wedding day will naturally be the two of you, I also recognise that a big part of the day is sharing that joy and excitement with those you love. Building a good rapport with your guests makes things run a whole lot more efficiently when it comes to organising things like family group photographs and ensures that everyone feels comfortable and happy.

5) I deliver on time.


I often hear stories about how brides and grooms have had to wait many months for the photos to come through. Once I arrive home from your wedding I download and then back up all of your images. They will then be fully edited and a beautiful set of photographs will be delivered to your door within 4 – 8 weeks of your wedding date (depending on the season in which you marry) so that you can relive all over again your wedding day whilst it is still fresh and new in your memory 


Your wedding day is just as important to me as it is to you. From first enquiry through to final delivery of your photos, my aim is to make your experience as stress free as possible at what can often be an emotional and demanding time. I am full of good ideas and suggestions, cheerful and relaxed, and will work with you at every step along the way to make your wedding the best day ever!